Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Spring is a lovely season, my second favourite after autumn. But it does bring with it a few things that I would rather do without... flies, mosquitoes, other insects that munch my veggies, strong wind and FROGS!
Don't get me wrong, I am a nature lover. A few frogs in the garden would be awesome, but this is another story all together.
What I have in my garden are actually toads, Guttural Toads to be exact. Big fat squishy toads. They congregate in my tiny pond like its the neighborhood hang out.

Our little pond
  While watching TV the other night they started croaking, and it was okay. We all smiled and said springs back, the frogs are here. Then it gradually got louder and louder. Eventually we couldn't hear the TV anymore, only the toads. So we went out to catch what we could and relocate them to a nearby park.

I have tried to put a file in here so that you can hear the sound, but its not working but if you would like to hear you can use this link. Its a local site with a few different toad calls

That night we managed to catch 17 toads! And that wasn't all of them.
The next day we went out searching and found another 6.

Not so pretty Guttural Toads

Now every time we hear the toads start up in the garden, my boys come and ask: "can we go frog hunting?"

Sunday, September 1, 2013



Today is the first day of spring here in the southern hemisphere. Its been a chilly few days with a cold front passing through, but today was gorgeous. It was still a bit cool in the shade, but is was a perfectly clear day and the sun was warm and pleasant, a great gardening day. My boys even had their their traditional spring swim, although they never made it past waist deep.

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to but I did manage to compost a few empty beds, remove a lot of my winter crops that were not producing or were full of aphids, and did a whole bunch a weeding (a sure sign that its getting warmer)
I am looking forward to the garden show coming up in a few weeks so I can get lots of seedlings to fill my empty beds. I also have a table full of babies that I seeded myself but forgot to take a picture of.

Here are a few photos of the garden today.

A tomato plant that self seeded is starting to produce ripe cherry tomatoes

Strawberry spinach is doing very well. The berries actually look better than they taste. They are quite bland and plain but you can use both the berries and the leaves to make a nice looking salad

Lots of spinach (chard) at the moment.

Watercress in a pot in my pond. I started this with a shoot from a bag of watercress from the shop. It's doing extremely well.

Gooseberries are going to be ripe very soon

The last of my brassicas that hasn't been attacked by aphids.

A garden FULL of self seeded fennel. Thankfully the rabbits love it. I need to find some way I can use it in the kitchen

 Two pawpaw trees have popped up, I am hoping that at least one of them is female.

How did you spend spring day? Or perhaps your side of the world is headed into autumn?