Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sunflower power!

My self-seeded sunflower has finally opened and it is amazing. I just had to share some pictures.
This morning I counted 26 flowers and still a bunch of unopened buds. I always thought sunflowers had only one flower each, so this is a lovely surprise. I am going to try get a bunch more in the ground this season to help supplement the chicken feed, and I am sure it will be fine as our growing season here is so long.

Attracting the bees perfectly!


  1. Wow Crystal - that's amazing. I also planted sunflowers for the first time this season, and apart from a damaged one which is now producing two offshoots each with it's own flower, the others only have one flower each.

  2. Thanks Dani, it really is beautiful, I am going to miss the bright yellows when it's finished flowering.

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