Sunday, January 13, 2013

Invasion of the Butternut Squash

My butternut squash vines are taking over!

They are overflowing from their beds:

Climbing onto the pool net:

Creeping onto the paving:

And taking over the pathways:

But it's all worthwhile when you find one of these:

Or a couple of these:

And with even more hiding under all the leaves, we will soon be eating a whole bunch of butternut. Can't wait!


  1. They do tend to take over, but as you say, well worth it!

  2. We had a very similar incident with a pumpkin a while back. Unfortunately, it wasn't as productive as yours!

  3. They just grow so fast. Evey time I look they seem to have grown so much more. Hoping to pick the big one this week.
    It's never nice when the vines do so well, but the fruit doesn't set.

  4. I am very interesting to work in my garden and trying new recipes.

    fantastic Home invasion