Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garden update

I went for my usual walk around the garden this morning and wanted to share some of pictures I took. I am so happy to see how much is growing over these winter months. I really feel lucky to live in such a mild climate area where we can grow all year round.

Borage flowering:

Peas have arrived:


The broad beans are flowering:

 The 3 tier looking good. Growth here has been a bit slow, but it doesn't get a lot of sun, just a few hours in the morning. I think they will make great summer beds.

Carrot pot:


Potato patch that I have started to hill:

The office garden. Growth here has been much better than my 3 tier. It does get quite a bit more sun, but we might have to shade it during the hot summer months. Just have to wait and see

We even have a strawberry flower:

Only 10 and a half weeks till spring!!!

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  1. Oh, I'm so jealous! Lovely to see all your plants flourishing, I'm still missing my flowers (damn dog) and my veggies (damn frosts!) Oh well, as you say, not long until spring!